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The Coal Man - Traditional Family Coal Merchants. Serving Britain Since 1920.


The Coal Man Delivery Service

Local Delivery Service

We use our own drivers and delivery vehicles.

Coal and solid fuels can be delivered in 50 kg open sacks and tipped into your bunker or storage shed. Or the same fuels can be delivered in 25 kg sealed bags.


Nationwide Palletised Delivery Service To Mainland UK!

25kg Sealed Bags Of Coal/Fuel Packed Onto Pallets, Mixed Pallets Are Not A Problem.

Delivery is made using a hand manouvered pump truck. The driver will pull up to the kerbside and using a tailift will manually pull the pallet to the kerb or road side. Please remember that as the pallets are moved by hand on a pump truck it is not possible to offload onto slopes, gravel or grassed areas. If you want the goods pulling onto a driveway then please try to be there to assist the driver and remember that this will only be possible if your driveway does not slope in any direction and if it is a solid, level surface such as concrete or tarmac.              PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN ONLY GUARANTEE A KERB OR ROAD SIDE DROP OFF.